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    This is such a great cause!!!
    Laurie Lankins Farley - Best-selling Co- author of the book, Conversations with God for Parents.
  2. 2
    I came upon Uchenna’s writing at a pivotal time of my spiritual growth. His words resonate so strongly with how I feel; they sing to my soul. I am in awe of his ability to encapsulate our inner most thoughts and feelings with beauty and grace. His take on life is optimistic, deep and full of love. Uchenna stands out from the crowd as a writer, a scholar and a thought leader. I have been privileged to be in the audience in his addresses on his view of life; and have valued them immensely for their thought provoking nature and his engaging delivery.
    Petra McLoughlin – Emerging Thought Leader at Simple Reminders Network
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    Uchenna is not only high intelligent and devoted researcher he is a heart-centered humanitarian who cares deeply about helping others. His wisdom and kindness is genuine and I'm honored to know him and to be co-creating positive change with him in The Royal Society.
    Catherine B. Roy - Author & Founder of the "Live from Your Heart and Mind" Community
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    Uchenna Ilo enlightens my heart with his profound inspiration on life. I love his posters and articles.
    Lachlong Wok - CEO at OK-Wealthy by Lok Lok
  5. 5
    I have known Uchenna for a few years, and during the time, have had the privilege of sharing many hours of discussion of his inspirational works. One thing which cannot be faulted is his strong conviction that this is what he has been sent here to do. The passion and ease with which Uchenna discusses his works is infectious, no doubt whatsoever. To see him move his vision further by creating a personal website to share his works with more people, is a step in the right direction. Congrats!
    Marcel Azubuike, PhD.
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    "There are no two ways about it... Uchenna IIo is gifted. He combines his talents for being an incredibly deep thinker with his very clear and succinct writings, every word he writes is easy to relate to and is truly inspirational. I just know that he is going to be very, very successful and deservedly so. "
    Alexandra Baer - Freelance Soprano and Singing Teacher
  7. 7
    Thank you for Uchenna Ilo. Finally he made his website and I have been waiting for this. I am so excited. Congratulations! I am a fan of Inspiration for Excellence by Uchenna Ilo. His page is such a fantastic page for me. It does giving good food for my soul. He is inspiring people with his own experiences. He used his own words, with his original writings. If you like to get more inspirational quotes and articles, you should follow him. I am a creative writer and I respect his original writings and thoughts very much. And to be honest, I never forget to read his articles and quotes every day. I can’t wait to read his articles more! Namaste.
    Yanie Wijaya - Writer at Yanie Wijaya - This is Love
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    Uchenna Ilo -Inspiration for Excellence, I find your writings to be exceptional. You have the ability to transport the reader to the depth of your meaning intended, inspiring many with touching content. I love to read more and more knowing that it fills a connective vibe, that I can relate to what you are telling in your written story. The message is most often profound and guides my thoughts to journey with you as I read. I simply love your work. You are a thought leader for the multitudes.
    Iyan Whitewolf – CEO at Sacred Whispers
  9. 9
    Over the last little while, I have shared on various social media platforms, the works of a very gifted writer Uchenna Ilo. This man shares his thoughts through his “Words of Truth”. He in his own unique style has listened and learned from his own life journey and has now become an incredible Teacher, Thought Leader to me and thousands of others globally. Uchenna has touched my heart, my soul, allowed me the privilege of getting to know him through his writings and our exchanges of messages back and forth. I made a promise to him from the other side of the world when I saw his very “Special Gift” I promised to help him as much as I could and I will continue to do so for as long as need be by spreading "His Words Of Truth” by using his words that have resonated and impacted me in my own life. “This Leader” has touched my core with his raw passionate words in his many published articles; he does not hide his emotions but rather pours them out in a way we can all understand. We have much to learn about ourselves and one another from his unique writings. I believe our Creator has given us a very Special Gift in Uchenna Ilo. I also believe he will be a “Great Leader” in his own time.
    Maria Koszler – Global Thought Leader, Published writer at SRN.NET Simple Reminders Network
  10. 10
    I have read Uchenna’s writings and think is an amazing writer. He has Stirred emotions and reactions inside me that I have not felt in years. He describes your inner child and how to become aware of it. "The inner child is a prophetic healing spirit” His goal is to nurture ones spirit with positive energy and to engage us in self-healing. I believe he is going to be famous for his writing.
    Janice Wayne – Creator at Yours Mine and Ours Memory Box; Published writer at SRN.NET Simple Reminders Network
  11. 11
    Uchenna your works have been an inspiration to me. They are thought provoking and deeply moving. I am a survivor of childhood abuse and there have been times where I have felt worthless or have found myself wanting to give up and I will read something you have written, and it fills me with hope and peace, and gives me the strength to hold on. That there is someone out there who does understand and care, and love me. Your works have allowed me to understand who I am, the person who I was before I was hurt and who I can become once I am done healing. Thank you so much for all that you have brought into my life.
    Lynn Gigante – New York
  12. 12
    Uchenna Ilo has a wonderful writing technique and I have enjoyed his articles and posters always waiting for the next to be published....
    Kelly Hack – Creator at Kelly Hack-Amazing-Pets
  13. 13
    What a powerful inspirational page! Great quotes, uplifting writings and powerful mind tool. Great work!
    David Khillaveli – CEO The Khillavelican Church
  14. 14
    Uchenna is a spiritual guide for all of us. He writes with such clarity and wisdom, helping us all to connect to that deep core within us that is the truth of who we are. It can be so easy to get caught up in the daily details of our lives, which can lead to fear, stress, worry and anxiety, and takes us away from who it is we truly are. Uchenna helps us all to remember who we are, and gently guides us back to ourselves.
    Erin Taylor - Co-Founder Building Connected Communities, PCI Certified Parent Coach ®, author, therapist.
  15. 15
    Uchenna Ilo, congratulations on your newly conceived inspirational website. It is not a surprise that you are able to intrigue such an idea and impartation. Your messages are powerful, knowledge packed, philosophical and full of wisdom. Those things you write are capable of making any cramped mind free and fly with hope, faith and determination to succeed irrespective of any type of challenges they may be facing. Thanks for your originality, sincerity, truthfulness and above all motivational incitement, enthusiastic and moral bolstering write ups. They serve as upsurge energy flow and positive influence to awaken any fallen soul. May your bleeding pen never go dry. Sincere appreciations from a friend, and motivational /inspirational speaker.
    Yemi Michael - Motivational /inspirational speaker, Netherlands
  16. 16
    I got connected with Uchenna about a year ago through Facebook and have continued to watch him expand his intellectual scope in Nature and human development generally. He comes across as an amiable, respectable Nigerian who is very explorative, self-driven and ambitious. His capacity to understand complex subjects is quite amazing and commendable. I wish more Nigerians are as adventurous as he is. He strives to motivate those he comes into contact with. He comes across as really trustworthy in every respect and can only wish him success in his chosen field of endeavour.
    Eunice Oviawe-Jones – Cosmic Spiritual Analyst
  17. 17
    A profound writer; his words are flowing from the very depth of his being. Emerged out of his burning pains he is standing tall in love. He shares his own seasons of life in a unique style. Whilst reading he takes you on his journey of horror, darkness and fear back into the light of hope, believe and faith. He leaves the reader behind still lingering, pounding and reflecting. This man is truly an inspiration.
    Jannette Hoeksema – Creator and Author at Living a life of Excellence
  18. 18
    Uchenna llo shares his beautiful insights into life and inspires us to look at ourselves while speaking to our minds and touching our hearts.
    Denise Joline Nehila - Photographer at Denise Nehila Photography and Photographer at Embrace Kids
  19. 19
    Hello from ' Light & Love Inspirations ' I want to take a moment and welcome Uchenna Ilo into the Facebook community. Uchenna Ilo offers a unique talent that is inspired and created by passion. Spend a moment and see what his readings offer you...
    Marian Juskiw - Creator of ' Light & Love Inspirations '
  20. 20
    I love your writings, Uchenna. They are always so honest and true. You can tell you've done a lot of spiritual work on yourself. For those still searching, your work is thought provoking and could definitely aid others in their soul work.
    Kim Cormier - LPN, Author, Reiki Practitioner.
  21. 21
    "I can highly recommend the thought provoking writings of Uchenna Ilo, they are filled with such insight and wisdom and are very touching and real. His passion for writing truly radiates from the page!"
    Elaine Murray - Kingdom of Inspirations
  22. 22
    Uchenna, you have been a great inspiration and guiding voice. As I reach for and discover my own voice it is reassuring to hear your very much grounded wisdom and unique perspective. Yours is one of the leading voices that will help to transform the world for the better. Thank you for being an enlightening and encouraging presence on this journey called life. The future is bright and I know that you played a significant role in making it so! Cheers!
    James Love Whitley - Author at SRN.net; Motivational Speaker; Artist; Singer; Lead Designer at 21 Sports Apparel, Charlotte, North Carolina Area
  23. 23
    "I have been privileged to get to know Uchenna through the Simple Reminders Network. He is an important member of the community. He encourages others with his wisdom. His inspirational writings and videos have been very valuable and thought provoking."
    Lawney Notter - Contributor at SRN.NET (Simple Reminders Network), British Columbia, Canada. Hospital Unit Assistant / Administrative Assistant, Island Health.
  24. 24
    I'm lucky enough to have a great writer as a friend. I have seen Uchenna Ilo progressing in just few months and I'm sure I will see him greater each day. He writes on various subjects from new perspectives, sometimes I feel he speaks my mind, because he only writes what he feels and from his own experiences, which makes his writings very close to our own feelings and experiences in life. Uchenna Ilo I'm honored to be your friend and I will always be a fan of yours, keep on surprising us with your brilliant thoughts and articles, I will be the first to read and admire.
    Mary-Suhair – SYMK, Paris, France
  25. 25
    Uchenna Ilo "up and coming" thought leader! Quotation marks because I think that he is a thought leader...not up and coming but a writer who has a message. A message that will resonate, uplift and inspire. I have grown tremendously from his creations, support and interaction. Stop by his website and it will be an experience worth your time.
    Enid Bitchetero - Enid's Little Treasures; Garden Center · Agricultural Service · Home Décor. Kampala, Uganda
  26. 26
    I feel honoured and privileged to be invited to some of the amazing journeys with Uchenna... If you wish to taste divine masculine power and innocence of the inner child... High flights of the light of the soul and deep dives into some of the darkness of human experiences... Sweet beats of the heart and sharp brilliance of the mind... Naked truth decorated with beauty of the true love... Here you are... and you too can step into these worlds with or thanks to Uchenna...
    Maja May - https://www.facebook.com/Maja-May-Beautiful-perspective
  27. 27
    Uchenna Ilo -Inspiration for Excellence I find your writings to be exceptional. You have the ability to transport the reader to the depth of your meaning intended, inspiring many with touching content. I love to read more and more knowing that it fills a connective vibe, that I can relate to what you are telling in your written story. The message is most often profound and guides my thoughts to journey with you as I read. I simply love your work. You are a thought leader for the multitudes.
    Iyan Whitewolf - Public Speaker, Soulful Thought Leader, Contributing Author SRN.NET, Master Artisan.
  28. 28
    Uchenna Ilo is more than just a writer; he is a poet with the ability to create a masterpiece that will stay with the reader forever. His gentle sensitive spin on love and life is refreshing to read. The harsh, cold, realistic world is transformed into a new warm, magical place with Mr. Ilo's prose. I highly recommend his writings, they will bring hope and love into your life.
    Leanne Olstad - Former Psychologist/Behavorist at YWCA Edmonton
  29. 29
    "U always amaze me when it comes to the depthness of your words. I can't wait for your compilation book or your own inspirational book. I will surely be first on the line...and will surey make my 2 sons and nephews and nieces to read so they can impart your inspirations."
    Zeny Diores Barola – Former Decorator at THE One Total Home Experience; Lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  30. 30
    U -nique and realistic all his writings C -olorful and convincing all the words when he do the quotes and phrases H -eartbreaking is the feeling i always feel everytime i read his philosophy in life E -xcellent is the vote i can give if somebody will ask me about his writings N -atural,nice and N -otable all the topics and articles that he do A -ttractive and authentic all the posters and the message is always related to the poster hence i can say he is very I -ntelligent person in mind and in heart. L -ikable and very educational everything what you will read from his creation O -rdenary person UCHENNA ILO but he can give us an Original and Outstanding words of wisdom,quotes and phrases and articles.
    Mirasol "Sole" Magtibay Villanueva of Youaremyinspiration at www.facebook.com/uaremyinspiration/
  31. 31
    Uchenna llo is a man with many Gifts; one being the way in which he writes. Uchenna has a way of expressing himself and sharing knowledge in the most inspirational way. The way in which Uchenna brings the words to life is amazing. This man has been a beautiful blessing, support, and a Jewel in my life, and the beauty in this man's writing can change lives for the better.
    Jasmyne Turner – Department of Human Services, Chicago, Illinois
  32. 32
    Uchenna is a great researcher and equally a great thinker. I had the opportunity to engage, first-hand, on so many discussions ranging on different topics: philosophy, spirituality and ethics; management studies; science and technology as well as about love and life. He is extremely pensive but also a strong presenter. His PhD studies on the ethics of innovation will prove to be a ground-breaking piece of work.
    Ekene .N. Okwechime - Doctoral Candidate, Department of Business Management, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland.
  33. 33
    “I am truly inspired by Uchenna Ilo’s writing. It is as if he is writing from the inner workings of my heart. Perhaps, he is. There is a depth of feeling that takes you to the core of your own inner soul whether you were ready to go there or not; you get transported. If you want to touch the core of the human heart, you will get there after just a few of Uchenna Ilo’s words. I am honored to call him a new friend. Friends do that; they touch your heart.”
    Heidi Dellaire, Author at Love Wide Open
  34. 34
    'Uchenna Ilo is an astute academic, a quintessential life coach and an incurable optimist. With a sound mind, full of zeal, he is willing to plunge into a crocodile-infested water just to make sure the job is done. He is an embodiment of tact, with a quenchless thirst for success. Uchenna is the sort of motivator that does not believe in the existence of words like 'give up'. Still, he is ready to give up all that he has for the improvement of humanity. With him on the driver's seat, a safe journey to 'successville' is guaranteed...'
    Ifa Olokun.
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    “Uchenna Ilo is a highly skilled motivational writer who has used his words not only to put smiles on faces of different individuals especially at their darkest moment but, has dedicated time despite his busy schedule to stand with Okwuí Mask Scheme to end the menace of Gender Based Violence. Thanks for being an advocate for survivors of this adversity with your words. You are a shining star”
    Okwuí Mask Scheme, London, United Kingdom.
  36. 35
  37. 36
    Uchenna llo is an outstanding writer, poet and thought-leader, I'm inspired by him each and everyday. His quotes are meaningful and pure and I am sure that you will be inspired by him.
    Nickesha Lovelace